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Nashville Reviews!

So much fun! Loved it!  We were completely satisfied with every aspect of the tour.

Very good, Atlas was able to get everything worth seeing into the week . Well done!

I enjoyed this tour. It is the Second tour that I participated in and I look forward to another.

The tour was extremely comprehensive. We were busy all day long, yet not exhausted.

The hotels were fantastic! Gary is a very capable, pleasant, bus driver. I was extremely impressed by Atlas and the care and concern they showed to all of the guests.

The itinerary was great Nashville was everything I thought it would be and more but Memphis as a little bit of a letdown. Atlas tried to cope with many situations that arose with the members of the group and I commend he for the patience with the different age groups that traveled with us.

Great, thanks to Atlas's attention to detail and there TLC.

Except for some restaurant experiences, excellent. most problems minor & unexpected - Excellent

I had a very happy, laughing trip!!!

I felt we got alot of inside information ,that going on our own we wouldn't have experienced. We are very happy we took this vacation



What a great trip to D.C!! The Highlight for me was the Madame Butterfly at The Kennedy Center. What a performance!!!

The days went so fast as you had planned them so well. The seats at the shows were great. The Restaurants too, the museums and gift shops. I started my xmas shopping early.The shawls were so cheap and good quality as well. Thanks for planning such a great trip for us. I'm going to show your "thank you" letter to my travel leader. Maybe they will take the hint and write a letter too. Thanks again for a terrific trip.



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