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Atlas Agency Associates



Gloria Adlerman, the president of Atlas World Travel: 

The passion to travel and to help others enjoy the experiences only travel can provide is in its purest form why Atlas is here today. The only constant in the travel industry is change. Gloria’s ability to communicate with clients and understand their needs transcends these changes. Gloria’s 45+ years of experience and her unmatched hands on travel experience has given Atlas an edge over the competition!

Gloria has been to 100′s of destinations around the world. Her specialties include:  Small Ship Ocean cruising and river cruising, Senior Bus Groups, Senior small groups, Luxury Guided tours in destinations including  USA, Israel, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Poland, Caribbean,

Hawaii, and even many countries in Asia.

Gloria can be reached at 732 605 0262 or


Alice specializes in planning large and small group travel as well as individual and group cruises. Alice's dedication to her clients is apparent in all her work.

Alice is a Cruise, Airfare, and DISNEY specialist, she also has experience working in the special needs seniors market.  Her hands on experience, ability to answere concerns and diligence will really "wow" you!

Alice has built a stellar reputation in our community. Her skills, diligence, and follow though have been second to none. Contact Alice Today at 732 605 0262 or


Micki, an expert for over 35 years has been working with Atlas for 7 years!

Micki has experience with all types of travel, she is patient, diligent and a true expert.

"With so many different options, I make it easy for my clients to understand the little things that makes a big difference" - Micki Meyers

Micki  does a great job working with seniors and families. Micki is an expert in guided tours, river cruises, caribbean getaways, mediterranean cruises, and much more.

Contact Micki today at 

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